Firefox 6 Launched

Mozilla have launched Firefox  6.

Whatever your preference, it looks as though Mozilla has really got the wind in its sails.  Perhaps the pressure from google’s chrome has given them a nudge.  It doesn’t seem long since I upgraded to FF4 – never mind 6.  If you’re using MS Internet Explorer you can only look on as Firefox races on into the distance.

If you’re not experimenting with browsers, then I can’t help but wonder: why not?  Try Firefox and play with some addons – you won’t look back.  Alternatively, Chrome has many excellent features and always feels faster when all you want is a quick search.

Here’s a link to mozilla:

firefox 6

Try Firefox 6

Ignore, if you can, the little animal figures – especially the cat in the nurse uniform – and revel in FF’s features.

Are you still here?

Go get Firefox – and get it on your android device too.

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