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Oooh – WordPress 3.4 New Theme Customiser

WordPress 3.4 is due out VERY soon and one its new features is an inbuilt theme previewer and customiser.

The video below will give you the idea of how it works. Please note though, that this video was made before the official release and so some changes will be made before the finished product is unleashed.

Should I upgrade to WordPress 3.4?

By the way, any of you using a WordPress site should upgrade soon – it’s good practice to keep all your plugins, themes and WordPress core files up to date. New releases don’t just bring enhancements, they are often produced to correct a security vulnerability. Failing to upgrade may leave your site open to hacking and attack by the growing multitude of malware that lurks around the web at all times.

That said, you may want to wait a few days before upgrading your WordPress version – there may well be bugs that will only come to light once everyone starts using the new software. This is especially true when major upgrades are released, e.g. version 3 to version 4. It’s also possible that the WordPress upgrade will cause problems for your 3rd party plugins and themes.

As always, backup everything and ensure your backups are securely stored away from your site before you upgrade.

Have you ever actaully restored your site from a backup?

If in doubt, get in touch and I can upgrade your site for you. This would only take an hour or two and so won’t cost too much. On the other hand, fixing a broken site could take DAYS and the stress won’t be much fun for you.

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