An Author Site for Felix R. Savage Sci-Fi Author

I designed this site for science fiction author Felix R. Savage as a showcase for his self-published scifi.

Felix wanted to emphasise his work on the home page of his website, and he wanted a slick and modern feel to the site.

I went with a range of full-width headers along with suitable imagery and links. It was important to invite users to scroll down and explore the work, and we also wanted to encourage potential readers to sign up for the mailing list, so it was vital that there were plenty of opportunities for them to discover the reader magnets.

The signups were integrated with convert kit to enable smooth automation of marketing emails.

The site integrates with the author’s social media assets and presents a useful contact page.

To make the site easy to maintain, books were set up using Divi’s global module feature, so that if a detail changes in future, e.g. a book cover, one change will update the book everywhere the module is used, e.g. on the home page and on the page dedicated to that series.

Felix was very pleased with his new site and you can visit it here: Felix R. Savage – Science Fiction Author

A responsive slider showcases the author’s work and introduces the reader magnets

Full-width headers with scroll button to invite the user to explore